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Whom Do You Trust? What the Business Technology Partnership Should Look Like in the 21st Century

by Steve Andriole, Fellow, Cutter Consortium

The legacy of the business technology relationship in the age of consumerization, cloud delivery, BYOD, and other technology deployment models is fundamentally different than it was in the 20th century. None of these trends will abate, which means that discussions around technology acquisition, deployment, and support "decision rights" must immediately and forever adapt to the new realities about where technology comes from, how it's evaluated, and how it's delivered and supported.

So now what?

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You're Doing It Wrong: How Your Decision Making Increases Uncertainty & What to Do About It

presented by Hillel Glazer

Do you ever wonder why decisions fail, even after the most rigorous analysis? Maybe the problem isn't your analysis. According to Hillel Glazer, the techniques you have been using to make decisions are fatally flawed. This webinar addresses how high-performance operations successfully use probabilistic decision-making approaches instead of deterministic approaches.

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Featured Research & Analysis

21st-Century IT Personnel: Tooling Up or Tooling Down?

Guest Editor, Robert Scott, Fellow, Cutter Consortium

Information and information technology have been (and will continue to be) drivers for a fundamental shift in business operating models. But will IT as a function be a relevant part of this? And if so, at what impact to the oft-maligned IT worker?

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CIO Quick Start: The First 100 Days

with Ron Blitstein

If you're a new CIO, either new to the organization or completely new to the role, there is a high likelihood that you'll be gone before four years is up. So how can you beat the odds? By knowing exactly what sits beneath every single rock. Understanding the lay of the land right from Day 1 is critical to your success.

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