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Whom Do You Trust? What the Business Technology Partnership Should Look Like in the 21st Century

by Steve Andriole, Fellow, Cutter Consortium

The legacy of the business technology relationship in the age of consumerization, cloud delivery, BYOD, and other technology deployment models is fundamentally different than it was in the 20th century. None of these trends will abate, which means that discussions around technology acquisition, deployment, and support "decision rights" must immediately and forever adapt to the new realities about where technology comes from, how it's evaluated, and how it's delivered and supported.

So now what?

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Promise and Growth in IaaS Amid the Darkening Clouds of Data Sovereignty

by Vince Kellen, Fellow, Cutter Consortium

The uncertain future of cloud computing and the plethora of frowny CIO faces of a couple years ago are rapidly giving way to the acceptance -- if not embracing -- of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), at least among IT leaders. The good news is that this shift is without the typical knee-jerk and shallow skepticism or naive Panglossian enthusiasm for the next new thing. This mental shift is tempered, real, and comes with more "buy" questions than "hold" or "sell" ones. In short, buyers and sellers are rolling up their sleeves and making plans.

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Data Hacking: No Day at the Breach

Guest Editor, Ken Orr, Fellow, Cutter Consortium

There are very few more pressing issues in management today than cyber security. Notice that I didn't say IT management; I said management. When the hacking of a major US retailer (Target) leads to the loss of billions of dollars in stock value and sales and the removal of not only the CSO, but the CIO and ultimately the CEO as well, stockholders, investors, and customers take notice.

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IT Governance & Project Prioritization

with Ken Morris

Effective IT leaders ensure that key business stakeholders take ownership for IT decision-making by actively engaging in IT Steering, i.e. Governance and Project Prioritization. Decisions regarding how much to spend, how to staff, how to allocate scarce funds, which investments to make, how much risk to tolerate, etc., can be a real struggle. CIOs that get this right are highly valued. Those who fail to master these critical processes often suffer limited tenures.

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