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Business Architecture: Part I -- Why It Matters to Business Executives

by William M. Ulrich

Simply put, business architecture allows a business to establish a common vocabulary, shared vision, and a degree of transparency that facilitates initiatives ranging from M&As to the reversal of customer attrition. But even as business architecture success stories emerge, the message has been slow to penetrate the executive suite. This Executive Update, the first in a series, discusses why business leaders should embrace business architecture as a means of addressing complex business challenges in ways that senior leadership can no longer ignore.

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Featured Research & Analysis

Architecture Debt

by Roger Evernden

Architecture debt refers to the cost and effort of dealing with the backlog of maintenance and change to legacy architectures that are necessary to bring the architectural landscape up to date. Estimates from various industry commentators put global IT debt at around US $500 billion, and it is projected that this figure will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Currently there is no similar calculation for architecture debt, but I would guess that the figure is two to three times bigger than that for IT debt. Why is this figure so large? Partly because EA covers more than just the IT ecosystem, so architecture debt would need to be larger to include the random nature of most process, product, event, and information architectures. Also, it is only relatively recently that many organizations have become aware of the accidental, arbitrary, unsystematic, and haphazard nature of their enterprise architectures.

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Capability Mapping Quick Start

with William M. Ulrich

Capability mapping establishes a complete view of what the business does in unambiguous, business terms. Establishing your capability map takes time, but Cutter Consortium's Capability Mapping Quick Start -- a proven 6-step approach -- makes it possible for your organization to put forth the foundation for its business architecture and go forward with its planning efforts.

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