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A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Enterprise Patterns

by Roger Evernden

This Executive Update uses examples and case studies to show how organizations can employ enterprise patterns as a key EA management tool in five areas of enterprise transformation: 1) deciding direction, 2) evaluating options, 3) choosing priorities, 4) guiding change, and 5) demonstrating value. Not a Cutter member? Order your copy.

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Featured Research & Analysis

A Solution Architect Is Really a "Problem Architect"

by Balaji Prasad

Architecture in the enterprise is still an evolving discipline. The reality and the words that purport to be tags for the reality might be two entirely different things. If the word-reality gap is true of architecture in general, is it not reasonable to expect this to be so with "solution architecture" and "solution architect," too?

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Building a Business Architecture

with William M. Ulrich

William M. Ulrich delivers a comprehensive, industry-proven approach to building a business architecture that will help you turn business strategy into actionable results. You'll develop a common voice, shared vision, and a degree of transparency that will enable innovative solutions to major business challenges.

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