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Herding a Hurricane: Implementing and Managing API Programs

by Joseph Feller, Editor

In this issue of CBR we take a close look at application programming interfaces (APIs). Now, APIs are both perennial and ubiquitous in computing. They've been around since the beginning and occur at every level of the IT stack -- from software-hardware interaction through system software to applications. They reside in protocols, libraries, and frameworks; in fact, they are intrinsic to the design of programming languages themselves. This raises the question: how can something so commonplace be causing so much excitement?

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Meet Our Experts
Predicting the Year Ahead

IT Trends in 2013: A Fresh Spring Perspective

by Joseph Feller, Editor

No matter what goals your company has set or planned for 2013 -- a clean end game for an ongoing set of initiatives, an accelerated start for new ones, radical changes, or battening down the hatches -- now is the time to take stock and turn plans into action. To help us do that, this issue of CBR provides us interesting data with two compelling perspectives from our authors.

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