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Gaining Momentum, But Where Are We Going? IT Trends in 2014

by Joseph Feller, Editor

This is CBR's ninth annual IT trends issue. For nearly a decade we've gathered and analyzed data across a broad range of IT topics: analytics, IT spending, hiring and outsourcing, IT's role in innovation and value creation, social media, mobile computing, the cloud, security, and so on. Like all issues of CBR, each IT trends issue gives you an up-to-the-moment look at the "vital signs" of the industry. But more importantly, because we are able to look at how signs change over time, every year each IT trends issue just keeps getting smarter and smarter.

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Meet Our Experts
Agile Data Analytics

Achieving an Agile Organizational Mind

by Joseph Feller, Editor

This issue of Cutter Benchmark Review explores the exciting, if slightly daunting, world of Agile data analytics. The "vision" of Agile analytics is obvious enough. From a data management and decision-making perspective, we want our organizations to have the storage capacity of a jumbo cargo ship along with the rapid maneuverability of a jet ski. It's just as obvious that this vision is not going to be easy for most firms to achieve. With this goal and challenge in mind, in this issue we set out to learn more about what drives Agile data efforts; the tools, skills, and attitudes that enable them; and the barriers that stand in the way.

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