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Thoughts on the Market for Tablets in the Enterprise

by Curt Hall

The tablet market is currently very dynamic; not only are new products by the leading providers like Apple, Google, and Samsung getting introduced with hyper-frequency, but new vendors -- the most recent and notable being Microsoft -- are also appearing, while other players are fighting for their lives. Here are some of the key trends I see impacting the enterprise market for tablet products.

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Big Data: Part I -- New Privacy Concerns

by Rebecca Herold

Big Data and associated analytics can be used to improve business and customer experiences and bring about innovation and medical breakthroughs. However, organizations must make sure they don't cross over that line of customization and business improvement into creepiness or, worse, privacy invasion. In this article we explore we explore new privacy concerns surrounding Big Data and provide some questions organizations should ask before using Big Data and deciding on a Big Data analytics agreement and/or tool.

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A Model-Based Management Dashboard: Harmonizing Management Efforts to Optimize the Enterprise

by Fred A. Cummins

This Executive Report proposes personalized dashboards for all managers in an enterprise as well as an active business model based on the Value Delivery Modeling Language (VDML). The report describes the VDML concepts and facilities that model the operation of the enterprise, the mechanisms for integrating the model with operational business systems, and, finally, the implications of the shared VDML model and modeling facilities to the future evolution of the enterprise.

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