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Put the ultimate in Access to the Experts right at your fingertips

With unlimited access to Cutter research, inquiry privileges with Cutter Senior Consultants and Fellows, regular strategy meetings for your team with a Cutter expert, virtual roundtables and peer-to-peer networking led by Cutter thought leaders, free or discounted admission to events, and more, your Cutter Membership opens up multiple avenues to interact with Cutter’s experts to brainstorm and gain guidance to transform your enterprise and boost success. Cutter memberships include:

  • Continuous flow of advice, insight, and answers via enterprise access to written and multimedia research from Cutter’s top experts
  • Real-time answers to your questions with priority Access to the Experts
  • Strategic advice from Cutter Practice Directors or Senior Consultants via regular strategy sessions
  • Discussion of emerging trends and solutions through client-only online Q&A sessions with Cutter experts
  • Peer-to-peer discussions led by Cutter’s experts
  • Seat(s) at Cutter events, such as the Summit: Executive Education+
  • Add-on options for consulting, virtual training, onsite training, and exec ed offerings
  • And more ...

Like everything business-technology, one size does not fit all. That's why we encourage you to choose the Membership level that's right for your organization:

Full Membership

Best for organizations seeking personal, real-time guidance on the full gamut of business-technology and digital transformation issues, and dedicated to investing in the career development of its entire staff.

Business Technology Strategies

Best for organizations developing operationally sound strategies and plans that link and align business and technology, and harnessing the latest leadership and management techniques to ensure technology is furthering the mission of the business. Covers issues such as strategy, structuring, governance, innovation, change management, operational excellence, and enterprise risk management.

Software Engineering/Agile

Best for software and product development organizations that are seeking to optimize their processes and more accurately estimate, plan, track, and govern development to maximize profits and business impact.

Data Insight & Social BI

Best for organizations challenged with data collection, analysis, and integration as well as internal- or external-facing information sharing via social, mobile, or legacy apps. Spans Agile analytics to Internet of Things; big data to wearable devices.

Business & Enterprise Architecture

Best for organizations interested in using architectural approaches to manage the complexity and cost of the business and to transform the enterprise.

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Cutter Memberships