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With unlimited access to Cutter's research, inquiry privileges with Cutter Senior Consultants and Fellows, regular strategy meetings for your team with a Cutter Practice Director, and more, your Cutter Membership opens up multiple avenues to interact with Cutter’s experts to brainstorm, debate, and learn. Membership benefits include:

Our memberships include:

Full Membership

Best for organizations seeking personal guidance on the full gamut of business technology and software engineering issues and dedicated to investing in the career development of their staff.

Agile Product & Project Management

Best for software and product development organizations that are seeking to create and capture lasting value through end-to-end Agile initiatives.

Business & Enterprise Architecture

Best for organizations interested in using architectural approaches to manage the complexity and cost of IT and to pave the way for strategic planning and portfolio management.

Business Technology Strategies

Best for organizations developing operationally sound strategies and plans that link and align business and IT, and that want to take advantage of nascent trends.


Best for executive teams that seek research and analysis specially curated to support high-level decisionmaking and ongoing one-to-one relationships with seasoned expert mentors.

Data Insight & Social BI

Best for organizations challenged with data collection, analysis, and integration as well as internal- or external-facing information sharing via social, mobile, or legacy apps.

Government & Public Sector

Best for state, provincial, and national government agencies and NGOs that want the business technology expertise of those experienced in their environment.

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Cutter Memberships