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"Big Agile" Is More than Just a Software Method

Presenters: Israel Gat, Director, Agile Product & Project Management practice, and Hubert Smits, Senior Consultant

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Small is beautiful in software. While big software might not be beautiful, more often than not, it's in the nature of what needs to be accomplished. This contrast between the beauty of small and the requirements of the big generates systemic tension in many software projects, organizations, and companies. Resolving this conflict is the focus of this webinar.

Drawing upon their repeated successes implementing large-scale Agile deployments, Cutter Consultants Israel Gat and Hubert Smits will discuss their "secret sauce" for success. They will explain why "Big Agile" requires much more than methodical rigor. They will highlight the various aspects of implementation that you need to pay close attention to - items that are beyond the team level. And, they will illustrate the practices they use to implement "Big Agile," relating examples from the deployments they drove.

In the course of bridging the gap between method and implementation, Israel and Hubert will traverse the evolution of Agile from 2001 to now. The key message for participants in the webinar is straightforward: Agile in 2012 is very different from Agile in 2001 because the business context and competitive environment nowadays are drastically different from those experienced in 2001. To succeed with your Agile implementation today, you must approach it in a very different manner than you did in the past.

The webinar will be facilitated by Anne Mullaney, Cutter's Vice President of Marketing. During the first half of the webinar Anne will interview Israel and Hubert along the lines indicated above. In the second half she will pose questions from the audience to Israel and Hubert.

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Big, Lean and BSM: Late Night Thoughts on the January 30 “Big Agile” Webinar

by Israel Gat, Practice Director

Since we announced the forthcoming "Big Agile" webinar, I have been exposed to numerous questions and comments about "Big" vis-a-vis "Lean" in the Agile context. The intensity of some of these discourses was so high that I decided to comment on the subject in advance of the webinar.

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Hubert Smits
From the Cutter Library

The BMC Agile Transformation: A Seven-Year Perspective

by Israel Gat, Practice Director, and Hubert Smits, Senior Consultant

Seven years ago, the first agile team was launched at BMC Software. This small start not only revived a business unit at BMC, it transformed software engineering there, and became a much-quoted business case in the agile movement. This Executive Update takes an in-depth look at BMC's agile rollout and the deeper reasons behind its success. It reviews past decisions in light of knowledge, experience, and insights that evolved a long time after the decisions, for better or worse, had been executed.

Cutter clients can download the article here. Guests may download a complimentary copy of this article for a limited time.

Webinar: "Big Agile" Is More than Just a Software Method

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