Chet Hendrickson

Chet Hendrickson consults with software teams to help them improve their software development practices and outcomes. He specializes in project planning, user story creation, estimation, and test-driven development.

Chet was at Extreme Programming's ground zero, the Chrysler Comprehensive Compensation (C3) system. As a developer on the pre-XP C3, Chet saw how poor communication, inadequate testing, and an overly complex design can doom a development effort. He helped make the decision to throw away 14 months of work and begin again under the guidance of Kent Beck, Ron Jeffries, and Martin Fowler. In a talk at OOPSLA'97, Chet, along with Jim Haungs and Rich Garzaniti, was the first to report on the 'Chrysler Methodology.' (The term Extreme Programming had not yet been coined.)

Chet Hendrickson is an author of Extreme Programming Installed. The book, the second in the Extreme Programming series, consists of a connected collection of essays, presented in the order the XP practices would actually be implemented during a project.

Chet Hendrickson

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