Jim Plamondon

Throughout his career, Jim Plamondon has helped accelerate the adoption of state-of-the-art disruptive computing platforms, including OO application frameworks in the 1980s, Windows in the 1990s, .NET in the 2000s, and cloud computing today. Mr. Plamondon's ability to "win in the API economy" stems from his experience as Microsoft's internal guru of API evangelism in the 1990s, consultant for other firms throughout the 2000s, and most recently as Director of Developer Relations for Rackspace. He assists clients in shaping their strategy toward well-defined business objectives, in hiring the right people to execute that strategy, in training staff to achieve the strategy, and in monitoring company progress versus competitors.

Up Close with Jim Plamondon

"Choosing not to play is choosing to lose. The only viable choices are playing to win and playing to draw – but either way, you gotta play."

— Jim Plamondon

Jim Plamondon

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