Summit 2007
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Keynote Sessions
Learning from Expert Innovators Around the World by Rob Austin
Web 2.0: A Social Revolution by Stowe Boyd
Innovation and Risk Entrepreneurship: Profiting from Risk by Bob Charette
Case Study: Managing IT Priorities at Volkswagen of America by Rogelio Oliva
Pursuing Perfection: The Art and Paradox of Leadership by Paul Robertson
Is Innovation a Relevant Concept for IT? by Lynne Ellyn
The Summit In Review by Tom DeMarco
Expert Speakers


Case Study: Managing IT Priorities at Volkswagen of America

Keynote: Rogelio Oliva, Fellow, Cutter Consortium
Panel Debate: Rogelio Oliva, Francisco Javier Gomez Diaz, Warren Ritchie, Mike Rosen

Rogelio Oliva will lead you through this Harvard Business School case discussion, which describes the efforts of Volkswagen of America, the U.S. subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, to arrive at a process for setting IT funding priorities so that they align with business priorities and the company's overall strategy. VWoA's process is carefully thought out and executed, but still encounters difficulties. The case deals with Enterprise Architecture and issues of innovation, demonstrating the details and difficulties of setting priorities for use of a scarce organizational resource. It provides opportunities to critique the company's efforts and to propose alternative approaches.

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