High-level analyses of current trends and hot-button issues

Discover the strategies and tactics companies worldwide are using and, most importantly, where they're succeeding and failing.

Leading this effort is Cutter Benchmark Review Editor Dr. Joseph Feller, a Senior Consultant with Cutter's Data Analytics & Digital Technologies practice and Senior Lecturer in Business Information Systems at the University College Cork (UCC–Ireland). Cutter Benchmark Review draws its expertise from the complementary communities of academia and practice. In each report, Dr. Feller selects a business techology topic of current concern and asks two of its foremost experts — a distinguished academic and a practitioner in the field — to frame the issue for you, explain how it relates to other trends, address the pressures and interests surrounding it, and provide a framework to help you make sense of the topic as it applies to your organization.

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CBR's academic writers are amongst the foremost experts in their field. They possess significant depth in their subject matter, often having researched various aspects of the topic over a number of years. Practitioners include Cutter Senior Consultants and Fellows with years of experience addressing the same kinds of problems you're encountering. Cutter's consultants have written some of the seminal books in business-technology; they've held high-level positions in global organizations; they work with enterprises around the globe helping solve problems like you face. Together, these experts waste no time diving into solutions and offering real-world advice and recommendations you can immediately put into action at your company.

Analysis from both the academic and practitioner viewpoints -- often supported by the collection of fresh survey data -- plus the practical and provocative guidelines from editor Joseph Feller, provide you with a solid understanding of "today's new thing", based on the decades of experience of our contributors in the fast-moving IT world. This is insider information you can't afford to miss.

With a subscription to CBR, your organization will benefit from the high-level analyses and multiple perspectives that are the backbone of every issue. CBR gives you a unique opportunity to:

  • Look critically, objectively, and through a variety of lenses at business technology issues impacting your enterprise
  • Understand how your organization compares to others in your industry and/or around the world
  • Understand the potential impact of today's trends on the future health and direction of your company
  • Identify key IT initiatives that are worth pursuing and -- just as importantly -- those you should avoid
  • Support your IT initiatives with unbiased research and judicious statistical analysis

Nowhere else will you find a marriage of the academic and practitioner perspectives like you get in CBR. Add to this the interpretation and key take-away lessons from Joseph Feller, and you'll find CBR is a resource unlike any other available.