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Cutter's more than 150 Senior Consultants have deep experience providing consulting assistance to organizations worldwide. From Agile Enablement assessments to developing an appropriate Business and Enterprise Architecture plan, from benchmarking your software development processes to determining a strategy for implementing business performance management dashboards for executives, from working with your IT strategic planning committee to conducting due diligence on a potential outsourcing partner, and more, Cutter's subject- and domain-area expertise is unparalleled.

Transform the Approach to Innovation and to Development and Delivery Processes

Strategic Consulting | Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence

It may be true that "a picture lasts forever," but the technology used to capture, reproduce, and share an image is ever changing. Today’s web-based photo sharing requires immense scalability, and fulfillment at such scale necessitates effective and efficient global operations. A medium size, online photo sharing company called on Cutter to transform its development and delivery process as well as its approach to innovation to enable the company to meet all these needs and remain competitive.

Cutter consultants simultaneously introduced a micro- and a macro-process. The micro-process emphasized productivity at the team level through delivery of value to the business every two weeks. Supplementing it, the macro-process focused on decomposing the project portfolio into project chunks in a manner that enabled individual project teams to carry out their sprints with minimal dependencies on other project teams. The company maintained strong separation of concerns between the two levels, enabling the macro-process to drive the micro-process in a manner that facilitated early corrections to the micro-process and helped to mitigate risk. Under Cutter's direction, the {Portfolio (Macro) -> Project Chunks (Micro)} decomposition was carried out three to four times a year to ensure that no significant gaps opened up between the portfolio level and the on-going reality established by the agile project teams.

In perhaps the most important phase of the transformation, Cutter helped the company leapfrog to the next generation of photo-sharing products, hallmarked by the automatic discovery of connections among photos, enabling the auto-creation of sophisticatedly designed photo products. To attain this level of functionality in under a year, Cutter worked with the company’s executive management to form a unified team that operated for all intents and purposes as an independent start-up. Once the team had tested its strategic hypotheses, validated a suite of minimum viable products (MVPs), and successfully implemented several MVPs, it was brought back into the mother company to serve as the role model and change agent for the way mainstream teams conceived, validated, developed, and introduced products to market.

With Cutter's expert help implementing strategic agile and Lean Startup techniques, this company achieved a higher level of innovation, better software quality, shorter cycle time, and swifter responsiveness to its market. Consequently, its customer base grew to tens of millions of users, and the company now stores/shares billions of photos.

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Create a Business and Enterprise Architecture Vision and Road Map

Strategic Consulting | Business & Enterprise Architecture

The IT infrastructure for a student loan corporation had grown into a hodge-podge of different platforms, systems, and integration. In addition to the high cost of maintenance and unnecessary complexity, the corporation was not able to keep pace with the changes in the industry. Working with the Executive Committee and business and IT leaders, Cutter developed a business-driven Business and Enterprise Architecture, including high-level business, information, application, and technology architectures and developed a roadmap for transitioning the technology, architecture, and organization from the current situation to the target future state.

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Organizational Assessment

Strategic Consulting | Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies

This defense contractor required an organizational assessment of IT. Cutter's team performed a review that was holistic in its approach, examining not only processes, but also how work was being done, along with organizational and cultural issues. The assessment was designed to identify the most promising opportunities for change and to finesse change resistance, to be both a tremendous morale-builder and an extremely effective change mechanism. The engagement focused on interviews with representatives from all departments plus meetings with senior executives, concluding with a wrap-up session for all participants. The strategy session and a final report featured an action plan, delivering specific, high-level recommendations for realizing quick gains and effective improvements.

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Agile Analytics for Reliable and Timely Operational Reporting

Strategic Consulting | Data Analytics & Digital Technologies

A division of an $18B dairy company needed reporting and analytics on a new specialized route management system that was going live in three months. The opportunity to significantly benefit the business with reliable and timely operational reporting led Cutter’s team to embrace an agile approach to meeting top-priority information needs as quickly as possible, while ensuring the architecture can scale to meet future analytics needs as well.

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