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Thriving Through Technology-Driven Turbulence

Jan Damsgaard
Is it Time to Transform?

Across nearly every industry, business models are being disrupted by savvy new market entrants. These newcomers are leveraging emerging technologies and the latest digital practices. Don't let them get out in front of your organization.

Establishing and Maturing a Business Architecture Practice

Whynde Kuehn
Learn how to build, socialize and scale a business architecture practice.

Security Architecture and Design

Security Architecture and Design

Transitioning to Digital

Greg Smith, Carl Bate
Develop Your Digital Strategy

Extracting Business Value from Digital Data Streams

Gabriele Piccoli, Federico Pigni, Raad Siraj
Get Help Uncovering Value from your Real-time Data Streams

EA Programs

An effective EA Program session is the best way to ensure that a project gets started correctly. Cutter's EA Program sessions help establish a project's team values, vision, mission, objectives, project community, measures of success, scope and boundaries, committed resources, and working agreements. The process is extremely effective in building the team community.

Invest in Business Architecture

William Ulrich

Tired of theories, hype and piecemeal approaches to creating a business architecture?

William Ulrich


Agile Enablement

John Heintz, Murray Cantor

Achieve the greatest return on your Agile practices investment.

Agile Assessment

John Heintz, Peter Kaminski, Don MacIntyre, Lynn Winterboer, Maurizio Mancini
  Are you as good at Agile as you think you are?
Where do you go next?

Regardless of how far along they are in Agile adoption, our clients often want us to give an objective assessment of their prospects for success:

Technical Debt Assessment and Valuation

Cutter Consortium

Do you know the true value of your software? Are you sure?

Technical debt is a real cost. Whether you're looking at it from the perspective of a venture capitalist or CEO, or from the viewpoint of a CIO or CTO, or you're trying to determine if a merger or acquisition makes sense, knowing how much money is required to "pay back" your software's technical debt may be the very factor that proves your decision to be a good one or a very costly one.