Heading for the Cloud ...

A workshop focusing on the organizational and business issues that raise both the interest of and cause doubts among decision makers.

Cloud computing will eventually occupy a place in every organization, but in very different ways. Today there's not really a question as to whetheror not you'll use cloud services; instead, the most difficult questions that are facing organizations today are What we should move to the cloud? and When is the right time to move?


CIOs and senior management are not quite sure how to capitalize on cloud computing benefits, to control the commercial aspects, to manage business risks and adapt to their organizations. While it is important to define the requirements, negotiate commercial terms and sign the contract, it is also a critical to develop a clear plan for moving to the cloud that addresses in the staff and the organization as a whole.

This workshop answers the questions that senior management must know in order to reap the benefits of cloud and be successful:

  • What is the cloud (actually) and what should I move there?
  • What are the key terms in a service contract in cloud? 
  • What are the typical KPI's and outputs? 
  • What are the commercial aspects to consider and how can I compare them? 
  • How I can realign business operations and architecture for a successful transition? 
  • What How I can have people and structure of my organization ready?

Workshop Outline

  • Putting cloud services into perspective
    • Patterns of disruptive technology
    • History of cloud services
    • Cloudspeak and how the cloud works
  • Adoption
    • The gap in decision making
    • Government Cloud
    • Considering the first move
  • Commercial aspects
    • Contracts
    • SLAs
    • Pricing
  • Getting ready for movement
    • Defining requirements
    • Capability Maturity
  • Transition
    • Transition Planning
    • Management of stakeholders and change
  • Cloud
    • Consolidation
    • Communication and awareness
    • Barriers and facilitators

Who should attend? Who should not miss it?

This workshop is for all CIOs and teams involved in current strategies for cloud services or are planning to develop strategies for cloud services. This session is focused on business issues, not technical, so it is also recommended for professionals in finance, legal or organizational change roles.


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Insurgentes 03900 Mexico City Distrito
Federal, México
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How to Register

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