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Cutter Members-only Peer-to-Peer

Agile Beyond Frameworks


So what is beyond the frameworks? Has Agile itself “pivoted without remorse?” Discuss, with Jon Ward, the importance of frameworks in achieving enterprise agility.


IT Development as a Production Line


Discover why shifting to IT development production lines, managed in the same way as the vehicle production processes, can improve software delivery in your organization.


Disruption Squared: Re-Thinking Your Business in a COVID-and-Digitally-Disrupted World


In 2-hours/day for 2-days, decision makers, strategists, technologists and program implementers will gain a deep understanding of disruption and the surprising management balancing act essential to success in this era of disruption, and develop new strategic perspectives they can incorporate into future plans and actions.


Summit 2021: Winning with Digital Transformation


Join us for a 2-day, in-depth look at Digital Transformation Winners and Losers. At Cutter Consortium Summit 2021, you’ll discover digital transformation strategies that have been successful — as well as strategies that have failed. Through keynote sessions, panel discussions, and case studies, you’ll learn how to avoid being left behind; how to measure success; the supporting competencies your organization needs; and the leadership skills that will pave the way to digital transformation success.