About the Team

If Cutter Consultants can build the first wiki, coin the term "devops", and train more than 1,000 new Scrum users in a single Agile transformation — imagine what they can do for you.

Cutter’s Agile team is comprised of pioneers and leaders in the Agile movement. For more than a decade, they have helped organizations around the world transition and/or solidify their agile project management, and software development techniques, agile engineering practices, and software governance. With a tight focus on agile principles and traits — delivering customer value, embracing change, reflection, adaptation, etc. — Cutter has successfully helped many teams both shorten product development schedules and increase the quality of the resulting products.


Meet the Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence Experts

Scott Ambler

Jurgen Appelo

Kent Beck

Steve Bell

Walter Bodwell

Peter Borsella

Murray Cantor

Alistair Cockburn

Jens Coldewey

Timothy Collinson

Ward Cunningham

Patrick Debois

Tom DeMarco

Esther Derby

Luis Diaz Stoffel

Hillel Glazer

Ziaan Hattingh

John Heintz

James Higginbotham

Bill Joiner

Peter Kaminski

Ken Kolchier

Peter Kovari

Tim Lister

Alan MacCormack

Don MacIntyre

Masa Maeda

Maurizio Mancini

Barry M O'Reilly

Michael Papadopoulos

Volker Pfirsching

James Robertson

Suzanne Robertson

Alexandre Rodrigues

Dave Rooney

Greg Smith

Hubert Smits

David Spann

Borys Stokalski

Giancarlo Succi

Gustav Toppenberg

Jon Ward

Karen Whitley Bell

Lynn Winterboer