About the Team

Cutter's Architecture team features architects who've earned their stripes in organizations like yours. They've been Chief Architects, Business Architects, CTOs, and CIOs; they've developed acclaimed methodologies and they've been leaders of standards and specification groups. It's these seasoned professionals who deliver the experience-based research, consulting, and training that helps organizations worldwide establish architectural approaches that address alignment, redundancy, and complexity issues to maximize the business value of IT.

The role of EA is more important than ever before, as it has a unique responsibility for understanding and managing the foundational components and structures on which our contemporary world depends.

Roger Evernden
Senior Consultant


Meet the Business & Enterprise Architecture Experts

Scott Ambler

Claude Baudoin

Dan Berglove

Charles Bowman

Brian Cameron

Cory Casanave

Udi Dahan

Roger Evernden

David Frankel

Curt Hall

Ebbe Kjaersbo

Ken Kolchier

Sebastian Konkol

Peter Kovari

Whynde Kuehn

Arun Majumdar

Avinash Malik

Doug McDavid

Terry Merriman

Barry M O'Reilly

Michael Papadopoulos

Olivier Pilot

Balaji Prasad

Mike Rosen

Mac Scott

Andrew Spanyi

Gustav Toppenberg

William Ulrich

Jim Watson