About the Team

Our team of experts — former and current CIOs, professors from top business schools, and experts who have pushed the boundaries and are revolutionizing the thinking in fields such as digital transformation, sustainable innovation, change management, leadership, and enterprise risk management  — are on your team, too!

...discussions around technology acquisition, deployment, and support "decision rights" must immediately and forever adapt to the new realities about where technology comes from, how it's evaluated, and how it's delivered and supported.

Steve Andriole

These are the business technologists who have "walked in your shoes" as C-level executives and as consultants who have successfully led and guided organizations through enormous change. It's these professionals who deliver the experience-based consulting, training, and research that helps Cutter client organizations worldwide build competitive advantage.


Meet the Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies Experts

Steve Andriole

Laurel Austin

Robert Austin

Edgar Barroso

Noah Barsky

Carl Bate

Marcus Beard

Engin Beken

Steve Bell

Bob Benson

David R Bernstein

Niels Bjorn Andersen

Murray Cantor

Joe Caruso

Guillem Casahuga

Steve Chambers

Robert Charette

Paul Clermont

Karen Coburn

Frank Contrepois

Sheila Cox

Sara Cullen

Jan Damsgaard

Vince Dow

Richard Eagar

Amy Edmondson

Lynne Ellyn

Jonas Fagerlund

Andrew Fried

Gerhard Friedrich

Rodolfo Guzman

Peter Hanke

Fredrik Harenstam

Jonas Hedman

Stefan Henningsson

Rebecca Herold

Shannon Hessel

James Higginbotham

Peter High

Daniel Hjorth

Nicholas Johnson

Vince Kellen

Petter Kilefors

Peter Kovari

Alexander Krug

Karippur Nanda Kumar

Karim Lakhani

Agron Lasku

Deishin Lee

Wilhelm Lerner

Tim Lister

Jim Love

Alan MacCormack

Alan Martinovich

Robert Mason

Lou Mazzucchelli

Sean McDevitt

Darren Meister

James Mitchell

Daniel Monzon

Ken Morris

Florent Nanse

Richard Nolan

Nate O'Farrell

Philip O'Reilly

Carla Ogunrinde

Rogelio Oliva

Katia Passerini

Bart Perkins

Volker Pfirsching

Gabriele Piccoli

Federico Pigni

Raf Postepski

Carl Pritchard

Helen Pukszta

Ram Reddy

Michael Roberto

Masha Sand

Andreas Schotter

Mac Scott

Robert Scott

Raad Siraj

Greg Smith

Borys Stokalski

Scott Stribrny

Sean Sullivan

Erin Sullivan

Karim Taga

Tom Teixeira

Ben Thuriaux

Gustav Toppenberg

Johan Treutiger

Oliver Turnbull

Bhuvan Unhelkar

Ben van der Schaaf

Ravi Vatrapu

Roberto Verganti

Stijn Viaene

Carlos Viniegra

Philip Webster

Ed Whitehorn

Philip Wisoff

Craig Wylie

William Zucker