Make enterprise agility your competitive advantage.

Cutter’s experts help you apply the latest frameworks in agile, from agile leadership to DevOps; program, product, and project management; teaming and collaboration; and, software engineering emerging best practices.

Cutter and its experts are pioneers and leaders in the Agile movement, and they remain on the cutting edge. Cutter's Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence practice goes well beyond software methods, covering emerging approaches to applying agile to the full delivery lifecycle, as well as infrastructure, operations, marketing, sales, finance, and other departments. Our experts have deep expertise in Agile leadership; scaling Agile; DevOps; program, product, and project management; teaming and collaboration; software engineering emerging best practices; and much more. Our experts help organizations create stable cross-functional teams and acquire the skills and knowledge they need to respond to changes in the marketplace, while continuing to quickly take advantage of everyday business opportunities. Through consulting, research, training, coaching, and speaking engagements, we help clients embrace excellence and enterprise agility. In so doing, we enable clients to rapidly change direction while continuing to provide excellent products and services to their customers.

Consulting, Training & Exec Ed

Companies around the globe are using Cutter experts to shorten their development cycle and increase product quality. Don't get left behind! Our consultants can help you quickly and efficiently integrate leading practices into your company, getting you started on the path to growth.

Research & Analysis

Solidify your product management and software development techniques, agile engineering practices, and software governance with access to a vast repository of reports, missives from the field, analyses of exclusive data and insight into its implications — all written by Cutter’s team of Agile experts.

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