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Guidance in DELIVERing VALUE through architecture

You can create and deploy business and enterprise architectures that improve organizational understanding, increase business opportunities, support agility, and deliver value. Cutter’s Architecture team delivers continuous insights based on their hands-on experience assisting organizations worldwide.

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Time as a Fundamental Factor in EA

by Roger Evernden

The key point is that pace is relative — it is likely to be comparatively fast or comparatively slow, but there will always be some EA environments with a mixture of both fast and slow, and some that fluctuate between the two extremes.


The Architecture Platform

by Balaji Prasad

Being true to architecture’s roots in business does a couple of things: it ensures that we stay grounded in things that matter, and it provides a framework of values that guides and validates everything that we do in the name of architecture.


EA in an Age of Terrorism

by Roger Evernden

To be resilient and sustainable, enterprise architectures must be able to respond and adapt positively to unpredictable and unanticipated situations. So what can EA do to anticipate, prepare for, respond to, and possibly prevent a terrorist attack?


Emergent or Directed — Do We Need to Manage Architectural Evolution?

by Roger Evernden

I’ve been an enterprise architect since 1984, and the main thrust for EA over all those years has been about giving direction to architectural evolution.


In Remembrance of Ed Yourdon

by Cutter Consortium

Our friend and colleague Ed Yourdon passed away unexpectedly on January 20. Ed was a guru’s guru. As you’ll discover in these tributes by several members of the Cutter family, Ed had a profound impact on many, many lives. We welcome you to add your stories and memories to this collection in the comments section below.

Rest in peace, Ed.