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Guidance in Delivering Value through Architecture

You can create and deploy business and enterprise architectures that improve organizational understanding, increase business opportunities, support agility, and deliver value. Cutter’s Architecture team delivers continuous insights based on their hands-on experience assisting organizations worldwide.

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Transformation Leadership Is Key to the Digital Backbone

by Gustav Toppenberg

Transformation leaders need to balance the pressures of delivering incremental value in short sprints to the customer or consumer to demonstrate value with the need to ensure that they leverage the best possible enterprise resources and align with broader corporate goals and strategies.

Whynde Kuehn
Executive Update

The Next-Generation Business Architect: The Bright Future Ahead

by Whynde Kuehn, by Mike Clark

In this Executive Update, we explore some of the truths about the business architect role, potential focuses for the role, career path options, and what the future holds for a discipline that finds itself at the heart of business and technology change.

Disruptors and IT: Shaping EA

Disruptors and IT: Shaping EA

by Jan Paul Fillie, by Karel Auwerda, by JanWillem Sieben

What are disruptors doing that we can learn from and shape the EA toward?


Enterprise Architecture as a Transformation Capability

by Stefan Henningsson, by Gustav Toppenberg

We believe that at the heart of the ability to manage an ongoing and multilayered organizational transformation rests a sophisticated enterprise architecture capability with a specific charter to act as a transformation engine connecting strategic intent and execution excellence.


The Business Architecture Summit: Lessons from the Mountain

by Whynde Kuehn

Establishing business architecture within an organization takes passion, persistence, and patience. Inspired by over a decade and a half of helping organizations to mature their practices — combined with personal mountaineering experiences — this Advisor shares a few lessons for conquering the “business architecture summit” using mountains as metaphor.

Business & Enterprise Architecture

The Enterprise Architect’s Approach to Organizational Change

by Paul Teeuwen

This Advisor explores one approach that has been particularly effective in making enterprise architects understand the realities of organizational change in their own context.

Business & Enterprise Architecture

9 Properties of Complex Adaptive Systems Theory

by Roger Sweetman, by Kieran Conboy

Even radical approaches to change management, such as business process engineering or Lean, assume there is a desirable endpoint (however temporary) toward which change is directed. However, what if change happens so continuously that no fixed endpoint exists for any initiative, but instead organizations must constantly change, not just to succeed, but even to survive?

Balaji Prasad

Architecture Is Like Fine China

by Balaji Prasad

There is an ingrained optimistic spirit infusing the enterprise, creating a bias toward action, toward change, toward better things. And, a resulting need for speed: speed to market, shorter cycles, quicker turnaround, and more throughput. Faster, faster, faster! More Agile. But speed kills. Even avid practitioners of Agile — if we pay attention to some of the current conversations — are generally of the view that Agile is not merely about speed, and that breakneck speed can break necks and more, if “Agile” is simply an excuse to hurtle mindlessly into space.