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You can create and deploy business and enterprise architectures that improve organizational understanding, increase business opportunities, support agility, and deliver value. Cutter’s Architecture team delivers continuous insights based on their hands-on experience assisting organizations worldwide.

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What are the steps in creating a successful portfolio management practice? This Advisor explores how to establish governance, conduct a maturity assessment, and take a cyclical approach to operating a practice. It also provides important points to keep in mind regarding each stage of the roadmap.
In this Executive Update, we explore how business architecture can help define data architecture, delivering transparency across a number of related business domains.
This collection of articles written by Cutter Senior Consultant Barry O'Reilly follows his journey as he strives to redefine the practice of software architecture as the bridge between complexity science and systems engineering, and reframe the decision-making role of the architect as the careful navigation of uncertainty.
This Advisor portrays a fictional conversation between the COO of a regional manufacturing company and an enterprise architect, and illustrates how enterprise architecture supports business strategy by monitoring structures, managing the investment portfolio, and ensuring the operating model stays aligned with the business model.
In a recent webinar, Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Mike Rosen explored the circular economy concept, its broad impact on business and operating models, and the role of architects in facilitating the shift to a circular economy. This Advisor shares the Q&A session that followed. Perhaps Mike’s advice will spark some new ideas on how your organization can participate in the circular economy.
The hype (and chaos) surrounding the concepts of sustainability and the circular economy cannot be denied. In this Executive Update, we look at how an architectural approach can facilitate the adoption of sustainability throughout an enterprise.
In this on-demand webinar, Mike Rosen explores the basic concepts of the circular economy and its broad impact on business and operating models — including sourcing, supply chain, materials, design, manufacturing, operations, customer relationships, partnerships, networks, and more.
This Executive Update provides a small subset of key research findings from the global “Business Architect Strengths Study” and, most important, what these findings mean for most effectively leveraging the unique abilities of business architecture within our organizations.