Give Your Teams a Strong, Common Foundation with Exec Ed and Training by Cutter Experts

Cutter's experts create and deliver (on-site and virtual) half-day to week-long workshops, training and executive education courses that give your teams the skills they need. From agile development methods, to business architecture foundations, from creating a culture that enables breakthough innovation to building a foundation for new digital models into your organization, training from Cutter makes it possible for your teams begin applying their new skills immediately.

High-Stakes Decision Making

Make better decisions in these highly unpredictable times. Each of these four virtual exec ed sessions blends business school cases and lecture material with facilitated discussion to prepare your executive leadership to make better decisions in times of crisis.

Created for Virtual Delivery

Boost the Performance of Your Distributed Software Teams

Companies around the globe are quickly moving to a fully distributed model, many without the training and preparation needed to ensure their teams achieve and sustain success. Led by Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant John Heintz, these four virtual workshops will help your organization boost its distributed software team performance, enabling your software teams to survive and thrive in dispersed environments.

Created for Virtual Delivery

Developing High-Performance Agile Coaches

This program developed by Cutter Senior Consultant Jon Ward employs an apprenticeship style of blended learning that includes theory and practice to provide a clear, pragmatic understanding of the art of agile coaching over the course of fourteen weeks. Participants will gain a deep understanding of core agile conventions and benefit from the practical application of observation, analysis of team behavior and performance, and the implementation of a range of interventions based upon agile wisdom. 

Residual Analysis Project Kickoff

This eight-hour virtual course will help your organization increase the likelihood of success in an early-stage project by applying residual analysis to manage complexity and improve system behavior early in the software systems design phase and build in robustness and resiliency along the way.

Disruption 3.0: Get Ready for the Pace of Digitalization

Robert Austin
Provoke a shift in thinking and fully appreciate the impact of digital technologies on your business models with the insight and lessons learned in this exec ed course, developed by Cutter Fellow Rob Austin.

Rethinking Your Business in a Post-COVID World

Robert Austin
When the world changes overnight, the problem of focusing on short-term struggles at the expense of long-term strategy becomes even more profound. Cutter Consortium can help you reset your strategic and planning process for a post-COVID world.

EA Skill Improvement and Mentoring

Mike Rosen

Your architects need inspiration, new competencies, and added expertise. Led by Cutter Senior Consultant Mike Rosen, these virtual training sessions provide an infusion of expert guidance and best practices that will help your business and enterprise architects improve their skills, find their direction, and remove roadblocks to their individual and collective success.

Created for Virtual Delivery

Propel Your Strategic Vision with Business Architecture

How can business architecture help execute strategic vision? This two-day workshop led by Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Brian Cameron explores the ways you can structure your business architecture to effectively facilitate strategy execution.

Architecting the Digital Business Platform

During this two-day workshop at your organization, Cutter Senior Consultant Mike Rosen will explore the requirements for the new digital economy and describe the new “Digital Business Platform” necessary to meet those requirements and sustain success. He'll lay out the overall architecture needed to create that platform and go into detail about the new business, information, application, technology, performance, and security architectures that comprise it. A detailed case study is woven throughout the workshop to illustrate the platform, architectural tradeoffs, and a wide variety of work products across all domains.

Industrial Agile Framework

Hubert Smits
Twice the product in half the time. 

Agile development is best known in the software world, where projects are easily understood as iterative. But until now, it hasn't been leveraged in developing industrial products. The new Industrial Agile Framework brings the benefits of Agile methods to industrial product development.   

How to be Successful with Breakthrough Innovation

Creating your own How to be Successful with Breakthrough Innovation syllabus from our modular sessions will ensure that your program is right for your organization. No matter how you configure the series of sessions, you can be sure you’ll be getting strategy, insight, and advice that you can put to work right away. You’ll emerge with new ideas and strategies that have been tested and proven by innovative business leaders, and which you can put into action immediately.

Agile Leadership Training

Don MacIntyre

Don MacIntyre has led large and small organizations through successful transformations. And now you can benefit from his on-the-job experience. Don MacIntyre’s Agile Leadership training is designed to help leaders make Agility a priority, enabling their organizations to transition quickly to new ways of doing business.

Enterprise Architecture Courses Online

Cutter Senior Consultant Roger Evernden has developed a comprehensive and integrated set of online modules and courses intended to help you develop your enterprise architecture knowledge and skills. 

Created for Virtual Delivery

Digital Transformation & Innovation Bootcamp

Cutter’s Digital Transformation Bootcamp is designed to get a team thinking analytically and strategically about how its industry is changing. The Bootcamp immerses an executive team in the challenges and opportunities digital transformation presents so that they can walk away with new ideas and strategies that have been vetted by other smart business leaders.

Digital Transformation & Innovation Executive Education

Cutter Consortium offers Executive Education days — singly or in a series — designed to move your entire team up the Digital Transformation learning curve.

IT Management Training with Rob Austin and Sheila Cox

Robert Austin, Sheila Cox

Cutter Fellow Professor Rob Austin and Cutter Senior Consultant Sheila Cox have developed two frameworks for leadership training of IT management, which Cutter Consortium has been successfully applying at both large and small organizations worldwide. Taught together, the IT Leadership for Advanced Organizational Capabilities course with Rob Austin and the Personal Competencies: Enhancing Individual Performance with Sheila Cox complement each other perfectly. But they are also powerful when delivered independently. For more information on how you can deliver on the promise of IT through strong leadership, complete our form, call +1 781 648 8700, or send email to

Establishing and Maturing a Business Architecture Practice

Whynde Kuehn

This workshop covers how to establish and mature all aspects of a business architecture practice such as defining value proposition and measuring value, creating a roadmap for the practice, defining governance, selecting tools and defining organizational structures. 

Maximize Your Return on Big Data Investments with Lean Thinking

Optimize your Big Data investments, decision making, and performance.

Digital Transformation & Innovation Executive Education

Cutter Consortium offers Executive Education days — singly or in a series — designed to move your entire team up the Digital Transformation learning curve.

Essential Agile Management Tools

Managers must make decisions in conditions of greater uncertainty and complexity, face contradictory requirements and meet conflict head-on in order to reach our goals. This workshop with Jorge Ronchese will look at the new challenges traditional management faces, including:

Extracting Business Value from Digital Data Streams

Extracting Business Value from Digital Data Streams

A workshop focusing on the organizational and business advantages that can be achieved with Digital Data Streams.

Agile Management

Murray Cantor

Cutter’s Senior Consultants are experts in training management teams how to both meet the needs of the Agile development organization and pursue the strategic goals of the business. At the end of this two-day Agile Management session, your executives and managers will know how to balance empowerment with governance, align goals and metrics up and down the organization, and determine the exact amount of agility (or stability!) your organization needs to support its business objectives.

Extending the Business Architecture: From Strategy to Execution

William Ulrich

This course focuses on extending the basic business architecture through strategy, product, initiative and stakeholder mapping. You'll learn how to leverage business architecture to benefit related disciplines including business modeling, Lean Six Sigma, business process management and case management.

Agile: The Basics

John Heintz, Maurizio Mancini

Cutter gets teams to the Agile starting line as quickly as possible. Cutter offers basic Agile training for teams who are new to Agile, as well as those who want to sharpen their Agile edge.

Executive Overview of Agile

Maurizio Mancini, John Heintz, Hillel Glazer

This executive-level workshop provides answers to typical questions that arise during an Agile adoption, such as: How do we ensure the Agile teams are working in alignment with strategic objectives? How long does it take to start seeing results? What kind of executive-level support do Agile teams need?