Give Your Teams a Strong, Common Foundation with Exec Ed and Training by Cutter Experts

Cutter's experts create and deliver (on-site and virtual) half-day to week-long workshops, training and executive education courses that give your teams the skills they need. From agile development methods, to business architecture foundations, from creating a culture that enables breakthough innovation to building a foundation for new digital models into your organization, training from Cutter makes it possible for your teams begin applying their new skills immediately.

Business Architecture Immersion

William Ulrich, Whynde Kuehn

This workshop provides an overview of busines architecture that will help you gain executive sponsorship, practice setup, achieve acceptance and utilization, and build out your business architecture baseline.

Agile Beyond the Team

John Heintz, Maurizio Mancini, Hillel Glazer

This workshop provides an overview of the practices beyond the original Agile core that are now common features of Agile, such as Kanban, continuous integration, story mapping, test-driven development, and more.

Agile Management

Murray Cantor

This workshop is designed to help managers and executives build a more agile organization -- one that is able to detect and react to change. 

Getting Better Customer Insights Faster

Lynn Winterboer, Don MacIntyre

Learn how to build a strategy around techniques including user experience (UX) design, software analytics, serious games, and even research techniques borrowed from anthropology and psychology.

Combining Agile Practices & Analytics

Murray Cantor

Discover a new menu- and principle-driven framework for software development — one that combines the best parts of today’s popular Agile practices with the application of software development analytics, enabling you to monitor the delivery of your software on an ongoing basis, with a strong focus on value-add.

Introduction to Agile Analytics

Lynn Winterboer

This workshop provides a greater understanding of the Agile approach in the context of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence projects.

Business Architecture/IT Architecture Alignment

William Ulrich

This workshop discusses how to establish and map formal blueprints of your business and IT architectures and use these blueprints to interpret strategy, craft roadmaps, allocate funding and establish and govern project deployments.

Building a Business Architecture

William Ulrich

In this one-day workshop, William M. Ulrich delivers a comprehensive, industry-proven approach to building a business architecture that will help you turn business strategy into actionable results. At the end of this workshop, you’ll have gone through the basic steps of establishing your foundational business architecture, which includes a capability map, value streams, organizational map, information map and related, hybrid blueprints.

Navigating Organizational Change

Sheila Cox

In her workshop for IT leaders, Cutter Senior Consultant Sheila Q. Cox equips IT leaders with the insight, perspective, and tools to help users deal with the human side of IT-driven change.

Agile-EVM Performance Measurement Workshop

Alexandre Rodrigues
Measure and Manage Performance in Your Agile Projects

Agile adoption goes hand in hand with abandoning so-called traditional project management. Yet new projects are continously faced with legitimate management questions. Now you can answer these questions with confidence when you adapt the Earned Value Management method (EVM) into your Agile product development process.   

Executive Education: Sample Curriculum

Gather leaders from all areas of your company and spend from a 1/2 day to a week honing the skills and building the teams that will lead your company to the next level. We'll customize a curriculum that combines case studies and lectures taught by Cutter's experts and guest professors from leading b-schools and that will serve as a foundation for clarifying your strategy and its execution.

Making Rational Cloud Computing Decisions

Claude Baudoin

In this one-day workshop, Cutter Senior Consultant Claude Baudoin alternates between short presentations on specific sub-topics and open, guided discussion, thus bringing out specific concerns and ideas that audience members may have.