The Cloud Buyer's Playbook

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James Mitchell, Cutter Senior Consultant


The Cloud Buyer's Playbook

James Mitchell, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium

Dr. James Mitchell, Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant and CEO of Strategic Blue, delivers a compelling keynote. You will learn how to procure cloud infrastructure on preferred commercial terms and optimise your existing usage. Whether you are looking to protect your cloud infrastructure investment or reduce costs and billing complexity for the longer term, you will gain insight into:
  • How being able to prototype in the cloud enables innovation like never before
  • Understanding your existing cloud usage and procurement strategy
  • Planning to procure cloud infrastructure resources for the long term
  • Optimising your existing usage using industry leading techniques
  • Reducing costs and overcoming billing complexities within your organisation
  • Access better deals and buying Infrastructure-as-a-Service on preferred terms

James Mitchell and his team have pioneered new techniques and models for assessing cloud usage as well as procurement solutions used by organisations such as CERN, UK government departments and other enterprise buyers to reduce risk, complexity and cost. Get the most out of your cloud investment armed with the right strategy to buy cloud infrastructure for the long term.