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Current Issue: July 2015, Vol. 28, No. 7

Mitigating the Risks of Technology Backlash

by Robert N. Charette, Guest Editor and Cutter Fellow

Technological advances have without doubt improved societal wealth, health, and standards of living. However, for all the tangible benefits technology creates, there is a growing disquiet that perhaps the risks of technology are beginning to outweigh its rewards. In this issue of Cutter IT Journal, we present six articles that discuss what appears to be a growing backlash against automation's negative impact on society.


Welcome to the Era of Digital Transformations

by Yesha Sivan and Raz Heiferman

Digital technologies have become an essential part of our business environment, and of our personal lives. In 60 years or so, they have gone through an incredible journey: from simple automation of the back offices to supporting almost every aspect of the modern organization; to our homes and living rooms; to our personal use of mobile devices; to part of what we wear (clocks, glasses, bands, etc.); and ... [more]

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