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Meet Our Experts
Meet Our Experts
Current Issue: November 2014, Vol. 27, No. 11

The IoT: Technologies, Opportunities, and Solutions

by Ron Zahavi and Alan Hakimi, Guest Editors

The articles in this issue highlight the technology enablement of a rich set of new and innovative opportunities. Ubiquitous connectivity, nanotechnology, machine learning, and the cloud, in conjunction with trends like mobility and social networks, provide the underpinnings for solutions that will affect our lives in unimaginable ways. Yet with every new wave of technology come basic challenges that need to be addressed. These include security and privacy, the need to create new business models that generate value, interoperability between differing vendor solutions, and some level of standardization. We hope this issue of Cutter IT Journal will better acquaint you with the new IoT opportunities while showing you the steps you need to take to succeed in this new and wonderful world of connected devices.

Meet Our Experts

APIs in Analytics

by Brian J. Dooley

The use of APIs has continued to increase in the past year with the continuing development of the API economy. APIs are not new, of course, but they have risen to particular prominence recently through their association with mobility and the cloud. APIs offer access to sophisticated services that can be explored through very simple applications. This is ideally suited to mobile devices, which are now generating a large market for mashups that bring together and integrate APIs from diverse services. Analytics and big data applications would seem particularly well suited to an API-driven approach. Analytics requires considerable processing, which may be performed within a cloud. Mobile apps tend to be small and limited in ... [more]

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