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Current Issue: March 2014, Vol. 27, No. 3

Workforce 2020–2025: What Skills Are Needed to Survive and Thrive?

by Robert N. Charette, Guest Editor

This month in Cutter IT Journal, we present five wide-ranging, insightful articles on the possible technological, management, and business skills that executives, managers, and workers in organizations (private and public sector, large and small) will need in the 2020-2025 timeframe as a result of the ceaseless improvement in information systems and their core technologies. While the articles by our group of international authors offer different predictions about what skills individuals and organizations will need to have in order to succeed in the next decade, they all agree that they will likely be radically different from the skills considered to be in the vanguard today.

Meet Our Experts

Management Lessons from Submarines

by Jens Coldewey

Among the most intriguing books about leadership I've read in the last year was David Marquet's Turn the Ship Around, in which Marquet -- a submarine captain of the US Navy -- describes how he turned the frustrated crew of one of the worst-performing nuclear submarines into one of the leading crews of the Navy. ... this book is not about politics or military tactics, it is simply about leadership. And though Marquet acts in the context of a military command-and-control structure, he finally transformed the crew from what he calls a leader-follower system to a leader-leader system. He was successful with a transition many managers are reluctant to start under far less problematic conditions. What Marquet excels in is failing, understanding what really was going on, and then taking appropriate action.

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