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Current Issue: June/July 2014, Vol. 27, No. 6/7

Empathy-Based Design

by Art Hopkins, Guest Editor

In this special double issue of Cutter IT Journal, we endeavor to examine the correlation between empathy and the practices surrounding the systems development lifecycle (SDLC). Our goal is to demonstrate the benefits that an empathy-based approach can bring to the SDLC and the way that IT leaders interact with their internal customers and constituents.

Meet Our Experts

Wearable Devices in the Workplace

by Curt Hall

If it hasn't occurred already, likely sooner than later, customers or employees are going to show up at your business or agency wearing such devices. Therefore, it is not too early for organizations to start developing policies defining how they are going to deal with wearable devices in order to prevent possible theft of intellectual property or the leaking of proprietary and sensitive (or embarrassing) information.

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