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Current Issue: August 2014, Vol. 27, No. 8

Data Hacking: No Day at the Breach

by Ken Orr, Guest Editor

In this edition of Cutter IT Journal, we have collected the viewpoints of five serious thinkers on some of the most troubling security issues involving perhaps today's most troubling business/technology area. Clearly, this CITJ cannot solve the major issues with cyber security. However, as we have found out in so many other areas, solutions frequently begin with understanding the underlying problems, which then leads to future technology and management directions. While no one will be able to create an impenetrable fortress even with this insight, thoughtful business and technology management planning vastly improves the odds that an enterprise's security problems will not be the lead story on the evening news.

Meet Our Experts

The Decision to Self-Insure Your Software

by Murray Cantor

Every software executive that faces the decision whether or not to ship code must answer the question, "Do the economic benefits of shipping outweigh the economic risks?" To decide, the executive must have a view of each. The hoped-for benefits are clear in that they are up front in the decision to build the software. The economic risks can involve exposures resulting from software failures, leading to ... [more]

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