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Current Issue: February 2015, Vol. 28, No. 2

Enterprise Architecture: Toward a More Perfect Union Between Business and IT

by Balaji Prasad, Guest Editor

As with the evolution of architecture in enterprises, accidental emergence was the invisible hand behind the architecture of this issue of Cutter IT Journal. You will see that each of the five articles deals with a very different facet of architecture. While these do not represent the totality of everything needed to make architecture successful, I hope you will see, as I do, that these five are some of the most significant aspects that we need to wrap our minds around.


In the Era of BYOD, How Does Enterprise IT Deal with Mobile Security?

by Rex Markus

The consumer device market has revolutionized how individuals connect and perform daily activities, leading to a rapid change in employee mobility demands and needs, but most enterprises are still struggling to keep in sync. ... [more]

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