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Current Issue: March 2015, Vol. 28, No. 3

Value-Added Agile Strategies

by Dave Rooney, Guest Editor

There can be no illusions that the transition to Agile won't impact the organization. There will be effects on the organizational structure, hiring practices, funding/budgeting approaches, HR reviews, and more, if the transition is to be successful. Fortunately, our authors in this issue of Cutter IT Journal have encountered both the problems I've listed and the solutions to them. They provide practical advice from real-world situations to manage the difficulties you will encounter.


Trust, But Verify

by Martin Klubeck

US President Ronald Reagan's old adage "Trust, but verify" certainly works with data, measures, information, and metrics. The trust part means that you don't ignore them. They may be totally accurate! That's why you go through the trouble of having a metrics program! So trust that the data is as accurate as possible and that no one is feeding you misinformation. But verify. ... [more]

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