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Improving and Extending Retrospective Outcomes

with Diana Larsen

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how to get the most from your retrospective practices. Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Diana Larsen will introduce you to a simple framework for:

  • Better outcomes from retrospective meetings
  • Maintaining the relevance of improvement to the work of your team
  • Great returns from the time your teams devote to every meeting.

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Featured Research & Analysis

Implementing Product Flow Measures for Lean Software and DevOps

by Dr. Murray Cantor

Applying Lean practices to software and DevOps has multiple benefits. The disciplined application of Lean requires product flow measures. Unlike manufacturing, software and DevOps are artifact-centric processes. This Executive Report introduces artifact centricity and discusses how to specify, instrument, and apply product flows to artifact-centric processes.

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Case Study

Technical Debt Assessment and Valuation

with Israel Gat, Practice Director

The resignation of Intrigue's CTO six weeks before v1.0 of its JavaJoe product was scheduled to ship caused quite a few eyebrows to be raised.1 Neither the CEO nor the venture capitalist (VC) of Intrigue had the visibility and the data they needed to assess the quality of the JavaJoe code. No one at Intrigue was able to provide "x-rays" of the code and interpret them in terms that would be meaningful to technical and nontechnical people. Cutter Consortium was able to give them what they needed.

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Featured Workshop

Agile Analytics: Program and Project Management

with Lynn Winterboer

Agile Analytics planning is a highly collaborative process that includes long range Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence road mapping to establish future vision, and short horizon planning of near term delivery projects. This course will walk you through collaborative program road mapping and project chartering sessions to introduce you to a set of effective practices for facilitating collaboration between technical team members, end users, and management stakeholders.

Agile Product & Project Management

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