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Has Agile "Crossed the Chasm"?

with Brent Barton, Patrick Debois, Esther Derby, Israel Gat, Hillel Glazer, John Heintz, Peter Kaminski, Freddy Mallet, Alexandre Rodrigues, Dave Rooney, Johanna Rothman, and David Spann

In this report, Cutter's Agile team debates whether agile has transitioned from being an upstart methodology to being the methodology of choice for the "early majority" of Geoffrey Moore's chasm. Our lead author, Johanna Rothman, sets forth her argument that, yes, the intent for agile has crossed the chasm, but agile itself remains in the early adopter stage. In response, eleven of Cutter's agile experts discuss their views on the state of agile acceptance and adoption.

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Case Study

Technical Debt Assesment and Valuation

with Israel Gat, Practice Director

The resignation of Intrigue's CTO six weeks before v1.0 of its JavaJoe product was scheduled to ship caused quite a few eyebrows to be raised.1 Neither the CEO nor the venture capitalist (VC) of Intrigue had the visibility and the data they needed to assess the quality of the JavaJoe code. No one at Intrigue was able to provide "x-rays" of the code and interpret them in terms that would be meaningful to technical and nontechnical people. Cutter Consortium was able to give them what they needed.

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Featured Workshop

What Leaders Need to Know About Devops

with Patrick Debois

The lead time between idea conception and production remains high in many organizations, despite various project management methodologies and the push towards operational excellence. Internal fights emerge as Development and Operations strive towards conflicting goals: Agile shortens software delivery time by introducing a greater number of smaller changes; ITIL increases stability by minimizing changes. How can an organization overcome this internal conflict? With devops.

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