Hillel Glazer


Hillel Glazer is a Cutter Expert, a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network, and CEO of Entinex, Inc. He is a career-long pathfinder who has been reframing how organizations perform. Mr. Glazer counsels executives in the technical, organizational, and operational integrations necessary to bring about the capability to dynamically respond to shifting demands. Mr. Glazer is the consummate pragmatic systems thinker, combining his deep technical roots with broad business experience and expertise in operations, management, and organizational change. His repertoire covers industries as diverse as aerospace hardware and medical device software to IT services and chemical-biological testing in organizations from startup through multinational, multibillion-dollar public companies and government agencies.

Mr. Glazer currently focuses on enterprise transformations, where the desired outcome is predictable results. In today's dynamic world, this frequently involves digital transformations to take advantage of the ever-increasing availability of, and demand for, data for real-time decision making. His collaborative approach begins with identifying a driving goal from which tangible strategies and tactics are formulated among team members to create a step-by-step map to achieve quantitatively outstanding results. Drawing on Lean, the Theory of Constraints, and Agile as a foundation, Mr. Glazer has the ability to quickly adapt to any situation to successfully transform companies by bringing to bear the most effective solutions for the given scenario. The transformations comprise organizational design along with business and operational modeling and are topped off with tailored, organic, resilient processes.

Having written the first full-length, peer-reviewed article on the intersection of Agile and CMM in 2001, Mr. Glazer has become the foremost authority on blending Lean, Agile, and modern development techniques with CMMI, ISO, systems engineering, and other worldwide standards. In 2008, he led the writing of the Software Engineering Institute’s white paper "CMMI or Agile: Why Not Both!?" Mr. Glazer is three-time Chair of the Lean Kanban North America conference series, author of High Performance Operations: Leverage Compliance to Lower Costs, Increase Profits, and Gain Competitive Advantage, and spent six years as a Visiting Scientist with Carnegie Mellon University.

Mr. Glazer is an experienced adult educator known for his uncanny ability to crystallize practical uses to articulate, demonstrate, and embed simple, concrete, applications for complex, abstract concepts. Executives appreciate his ability to communicate with them as well as their organizations — each at the level of discourse they expect and can use. Clients value his levity, integrity, steadfastness, and tell-it-like-it-is-edness. They respect Mr. Glazer’s willingness to shoulder their burdens as his own, care for their organization as they do, and coach them to achieve successes as they've imagined.

Mr. Glazer has influenced leaders at the US Department of the Navy, JPO-JSF, US Department of Treasury, NASA, Israel Aerospace Industries, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, McKesson, and CareFirst, to name a few. He has sailed on an active-duty aircraft carrier and has been involved in aircraft flight testing, manufacturing quality surveys, and safety and failure investigations. Mr. Glazer has worked on government financial systems, satellite telemetry, and composite material fabrication.

When not working on transforming large enterprises, Mr. Glazer is a startup coach in Baltimore City's Emerging Technology Centers tech incubator. He holds a bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering and a master of science degree in technology management. Mr. Glazer has guest lectured on entrepreneurship at Stevenson University and teaches a graduate and professional certification course on product development management at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He can be reached at experts@cutter.com.