Executive Update

The Cloud Buyer’s Advantage

Posted November 3, 2016 | Leadership | Technology |
A financial cloud broker’s overview to selecting an IaaS vendor.

Cloud is on everyone’s mind. If you are in the throes of cloud procurement — facing challenges around cost reduction, centralized billing, and agility — then buying indirect offers significant advantages. The objectives of unlocking lower pricing to reduce costs and negotiating suitable procurement terms to improve agility are best achieved by buying cloud indirectly. It is the role of cloud brokers, resellers, and distributors to help customers get the best deal. To negotiate preferred terms as an enterprise cloud buyer, consider buying through an IT distributor or reseller. As we explore in this Executive Update, it is time to start buying cloud as an organization, not as an individual. That means taking a long-term view of how you continually monitor, optimize, and manage the procurement of cloud infrastructure.

About The Author
James Mitchell
Dr. James Mitchell is a Cutter Expert and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network; CEO of Strategic Blue, a financial cloud brokerage firm offering for cloud computing, services more commonly seen in the commoditized energy markets. For the past five years, Dr. Mitchell has been pioneering various cloud brokerage concepts that are now gaining widespread acceptance and adoption based on his background as an originator of… Read More
Frank Khan Sullivan
Frank Khan Sullivan is the CEO of CloudStrato. His work focuses on digital transformation, IT outsourcing, and helping organizations translate cloud technology adoption into commercial and strategic value. Previously, Mr. Khan Sullivan was VP of Marketing at Strategic Blue. He has worked with leading technology companies in the software and cloud computing industry, including Microsoft, Rackspace, and OnApp over the last decade. Mr. Khan… Read More
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