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Cutter's Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

Cutter Consortium respects your privacy. When you register to access some information on Cutter's web site, you'll be asked to provide your name, title, organization, email address and other information. Cutter does not share email addresses with any third parties. If at anytime after registering you choose to change your preference about receiving newsletters, offers, updates about our products and services, and/or participating in our industry research, you can contact us at or +1 781 648 8700 and we will promptly remove you from the appropriate list(s).


Cutter Information LLC/Cutter Consortium owns and reserves any and all copyright, proprietary, and other rights in and to all of the content provided on this website. Any and all portions of Cutter's Reports, Summaries, Updates, Advisors, Journals, articles, webinars, podcasts, and any other published content, whether in any digital and/or electronic format (content) are protected by US copyright laws and international copyright agreements. Unauthorized reproduction in any form, including but not limited to photocopying, faxing, image scanning and making copies through the use of fax or computer transmission, storage/retrieval systems or computer networks, downloading electronic copies, and posting on the Internet is against the law and strictly prohibited, without permission from the publisher.

Please note that no modifications to content, including the removal of any text or graphics, can be made without prior permission from Cutter Information LLC.

Terms of Use

Cutter Information LLC/Cutter Consortium content is licensed for clients' internal use only. We encourage our clients to use Cutter data, opinion and analysis for internal purposes. However, Cutter content cannot be incorporated into or included as part of any commercial offering, nor utilized for any efforts, activities or deliverables outside the client organization. External distribution and/or reproduction of any Cutter content is prohibited without prior written approval. A copy of your organization's license, with further details, can be obtained from your administrator or from your Cutter Account Executive.

Citation, Reproduction, Inclusion of Cutter Content in Other Works

Small excerpts from Cutter Consortium content are considered "fair use" and do not require permission from Cutter Consortium, but must be attributed as "Source: Cutter Consortium,". If you are interested in reproducing large parts, or the entire content of any Cutter material, you will need written approval. Some circumstances require a licensing fee. For approvals, please contact us at


Links to Web sites outside of are included as a service to readers. Cutter Consortium is not responsible for the content of those sites.