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Get the best in thought leadership and keep pace with the technologies and business models that will drive digital innovation and give you a competitive edge!

Cutter Business Technology Journal delivers a steady stream of insight from global business and thought leaders, researchers, and practitioners on the strategies that will help you adapt to an ever-changing business world and more importantly to move your strategy into action to ensure continuous innovation and transformation.

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The monthly Cutter Business Technology Journal and its weekly Cutter Business Technology Advisor provide you with a variety of perspectives on the issues you're dealing with today. Armed with expert insight, data, and advice, you’ll be able to leverage the latest business management thinking to achieve your organization’s goals.

Unlike academic journals, Cutter Business Technology Journal doesn't water down or delay its coverage of timely issues with lengthy peer reviews. Each monthly issue, led by an expert Guest Editor, includes five to seven substantial articles, case studies, research findings, and/or experience-based opinion pieces that provide innovative ideas and solutions to the challenges business technology professionals face right now — and prepares them for those they might face tomorrow. Written by internationally known thought leaders, academics, and practitioners — you can be certain you’re getting the uncensored perspectives of global experts. No other journal brings together so many cutting-edge thinkers, and lets them speak so bluntly.

Cutter Business Technology Journal subscribers have even referred to the Journal as a consultancy in print and likened each month’s issue to the impassioned discussions they participate in at the end of a day at a conference.

You’ll benefit from strategic insight on how the latest movements in digital innovation and transformation, IoT, big data analytics and cloud, to name a few, are changing the business landscape for both new and established organizations and how cutting-edge approaches in technology leadership, enterprise agility, software engineering, and business architecture can help your organization optimize its performance and transition to these new business models.

Every facet of business technology plays a role in the success or failure of your organization. Only Cutter Business Technology Journal delivers a comprehensive, uncensored treatment of these critical issues and helps you make informed decisions about the technology strategies you should use to improve business performance.

Put your business technology concerns in a business context. Discover the best ways to pitch new ideas to executive management. Avoid the common pitfalls and work smarter while under tighter constraints. Get the best in thought leadership and keep pace with the technologies and business models that will give you a competitive edge – subscribe to Cutter Business Technology Journal today!