About Cutter's Leadership Experts

Our team of experts — professors from top business schools, former and current CxOs, and independent consultants who have pushed the boundaries and are revolutionizing the thinking in fields such as sustainable innovation, change management, leadership, digital transformation, and enterprise risk management  — have "walked in your shoes" to successfully lead organizations through enormous change. It's these professionals who deliver the experience-based research and executive education that help you crystalize your thinking about how to manage, get ahead of, and take advantage of constant turbulence and disruption. 

Michael Roberto

One of the worst things a leader can do is say 'Don't bring me problems; only bring me solutions.'

Michael Roberto
Professor, Bryant University; Fellow, Cutter Consortium

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Steve Andriole

Jurgen Appelo

Laurel Austin

Robert Austin

Edgar Barroso

Noah Barsky

Marcus Beard

Engin Beken

Steve Bell

Peter Borsella

Guillem Casahuga

Robert Charette

Cynthia Clark

Paul Clermont

Karen Coburn

Alistair Cockburn

Jens Coldewey

Sheila Cox

Sara Cullen

Jan Damsgaard

Tom DeMarco

Esther Derby

Richard Eagar

Amy Edmondson

Lynne Ellyn

Jonas Fagerlund

Gerhard Friedrich

Hillel Glazer

Rodolfo Guzman

Peter Hanke

Fredrik Harenstam

Ziaan Hattingh

Jonas Hedman

Stefan Henningsson

Rebecca Herold

Shannon Hessel

Peter High

Daniel Hjorth

Nicholas Johnson

Bill Joiner

Petter Kilefors

Karim Lakhani

Wilhelm Lerner

Tim Lister

Alan MacCormack

Don MacIntyre

Masa Maeda

Maurizio Mancini

Lou Mazzucchelli

Darren Meister

Daniel Monzon

Florent Nanse

Richard Nolan

Carla Ogunrinde

Bart Perkins

Volker Pfirsching

Federico Pigni

Raf Postepski

Carl Pritchard

Helen Pukszta

Michael Roberto

James Robertson

Suzanne Robertson

Andreas Schotter

Robert Scott

Greg Smith

Hubert Smits

David Spann

Borys Stokalski

Karim Taga

Tom Teixeira

Ben Thuriaux

Gustav Toppenberg

Johan Treutiger

Oliver Turnbull

Ben van der Schaaf

Roberto Verganti

Stijn Viaene

Jon Ward

Philip Webster

Karen Whitley Bell

Philip Wisoff

Craig Wylie