About Cutter's Industry Experts

The experts featured in Cutter’s Industry practice include academics leading change in areas as diverse as Fintech, Hospitality, and Retail; C-level executives; and seasoned consultants who are helping companies turn the ongoing turbulence in their fields to advantage. Their real-time insights, future-focused analysis, and groundbreaking research will inspire your team’s strategy and vision.

Kevin O'Leary   Philip O'Reilly

Fintech is an exciting area due to the range of technologies involved and the diversity of industries it can impact… Fintech is not just about emerging technologies; just as important is how people and processes adjust to accommodate technological advancements and reap the benefits they afford.

Kevin O’Leary, Cutter Expert; and Philip O’Reilly, Cutter Fellow, Professor of Financial Technologies & Information Systems, Cork University Business School

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