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Cutter Consortium is a global business technology advisory firm, and an Arthur D. Little Company, dedicated to helping organizations leverage emerging technologies and the latest business management thinking to achieve competitive advantage and mission success. Through its consulting, research, training, and executive education, Cutter enables digital transformation.

Cutter helps clients address the spectrum of challenges technology change brings — from disruption of business models and the sustainable innovation, change management, and leadership a new order demands, to the creation, implementation, and optimization of software and systems that power newly holistic enterprise and business unit strategies.

Cutter pushes the thinking in the field by fostering debate and collaboration among its global community of thought leaders. Coupled with its famously objective “no ties to vendors” policy, Cutter’s Access to the Experts approach delivers cutting-edge, objective information and innovative solutions to its clients worldwide.


COMPANY NAME Cutter Consortium


MISSION To help organizations leverage technology for competitive advantage and business success through our consulting, training, and content — all of which are provided exclusively by the world's leading business technology experts

CEO Karen Fine Coburn

Our Management Team


OUR CLIENTS Serving more than 5200 clients from around the globe, including 42% of the Fortune 500 and more than 1,900 international clients.

The Cutter Difference

  • Focus includes the business management of technology — you’re plugged into the research from top business thought leaders.
  • Without exception, every single inquiry is fielded by a Cutter Senior Consultant, Fellow, or Practice Director.
  • Cutter approaches every consulting, onsite training, virtual training, and exec ed assignment as unique, requiring a tailor-made solution, and creates a team for you that includes only its best-in-class experts. We focus on knowledge transfer, so you can leverage our work together and move forward on your own.
  • With Cutter, you get cutting-edge thinking from multiple viewpoints so you can determine what’s best for your situation.
  • Cutter’s internationally recognized expert practitioners provide all of Cutter’s research and analysis. You get to tap into this brain trust whose written words have been likened to a “consultancy in print.”
  • Emphasis is on strategies and processes, so you can be sure your success is not dependent on vendor/product detail.
  • Cutter is unique in having no ties to vendors. Rest assured that the advice you get is unbiased and in the best interest of your organization alone.