Executive Update

10 Ways to Make Your Product Smart

Posted November 29, 2016 in Data Analytics & Digital Technologies
Smart products

Designers are working feverishly to add connectivity to products, weighing the potential value to users, as well as risks. For example, the capability exists today to make toilets smart, but is there really a need for a toilet that can be flushed remotely? On the other hand, a smart oven can be triggered remotely to heat up by the time you return from work. It could be a great time saver, but is it a fire risk? As designers grapple with these questions, there are also a host of design issues that they must keep in mind while moving toward IoT capabilities. In this Executive Update, we explore the top 10 design considerations.

About The Author
Adam Justice
Adam Justice is VP and General Manager of Grid Connect, a manufacturer and distributor of the ConnectSense product line of wireless sensors. He is responsible for developing the vision for the ConnectSense consumer product line, a group of wireless products steeped in the technology of the IoT. Mr. Justice is an expert on the IoT and has spoken on the topic at many conferences across the nation, including SxSW, IoT Influencers Summit, and… Read More
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