10 Years of the IT Budget Survey: A Look Back

Posted November 24, 2015 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies Cutter Benchmark Review

In the past decade, we have had 658 respondents to survey questions about budget, governance, and IT costs -- that is, the elements that form the foundation of managing IT in the enterprise. With this 10th survey, it is appropriate to consider what we've learned over the past decade and draw some overall conclusions about the IT budget as it relates to the effectiveness of IT in the organization.

About The Author
Bob Benson
Bob Benson is a Fellow with Cutter Consortium's Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies practice. Mr. Benson applies more than 40 years of academic and corporate experience to assist companies and government agencies in understanding the business value of IT, strategic and financial IT management, strategic IT planning, effective IT application development, and IT governance. He has written more than 100 Cutter Consortium … Read More
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