3 Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

Posted April 16, 2019 in Data Analytics & Digital Technologies

Many organizations are now focusing on a hybrid cloud strategy: moving part of their IT capabilities to the cloud, while maintaining core elements in-house, hosted on-premises. The hybrid model is becoming immensely customary among orga­nizations, as it enables them to optimally allocate their resources while keeping their current IT infrastructure operating at low risk. A hybrid cloud strategy not only prepares an organization for the future but also protects its investment today. In this Advisor, we explore the benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy.

About The Author
Prerna Lal
Prerna Lal is Assistant Professor in Information Management at International Management Institute, India. She has more than 14 years’ experience in academics and research in the areas of data warehousing/data mining, business analytics, management information systems, software project management, IT service management, cyber law, and cloud computing. Ms. Lal has been published in various journals and publications. She is SAP-certified and has an… Read More
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