Adopting 4IR Policies in Developing Nations and Emerging Economies

Posted July 31, 2019 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
developing countries

Doug Hadden’s article focuses on the opportunities and threats for governments in developing countries and emerging economies. Governments in developed countries exhibit a sophisticated policy design, enabling them to better exploit Industry 4.0, while developing countries and emerging economies, which have lower government effectiveness and less-sophisticated manu­facturing, face more obstacles to benefit from Industry 4.0. Hadden discusses the government and country context that must be considered when developing policy interventions to optimize the potential of 4IR while mitigating vulnerability. In this context, the author suggests that policymakers use a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) analysis to determine potential and vulnerability. He then recommends public policy interventions to maximize potential and reduce vulnerability.

About The Author
Doug Hadden
Doug Hadden is EVP Strategy and Innovation at FreeBalance, a global provider of government smart prosperity advisory services and enterprise software. He is responsible for strategy development, global marketing, and process and product innovation. Mr. Hadden is an industry veteran with extensive experience in enterprise technologies and services with a particular focus in the public sector. He holds a bachelor of arts degree with honors in… Read More
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