Accelerating the Journey to Net Zero with Digital Twins

Posted April 30, 2023 | Technology | Amplify
net zero digital twin
Sustainability has become a recent focus for digital twins. David McKee and Tim O’Callaghan present a case study from a UK town using digital twins to achieve its net zero obligations. The authors discuss the use of tools to visualize historical data and utilizing new data from various sources to simulate possible outcomes and manage risk.
About The Author
David McKee
David McKee is CEO, CTO, and founder of Slingshot Simulations; a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow; and cochair of the technology and open source working groups at the OMG Digital Twin Consortium. His expertise spans simulation, smart cities, digital twins, dark data, and responsible computing. Mr. McKee has been building digital twins across automotive, aerospace, and cities since 2013. He is a guest lecturer at the University of… Read More
Tim O'Callaghan
Tim O’Callaghan is a Project Consultant at Electric Places, a community interest company that supports organizations, places, and people transitioning to net zero. He has extensive experience evaluating the impacts, user adoption requirements, costs, and carbon savings potential of new energy generation and flexibility management technologies. Mr. O’Callaghan’s area of focus is on the latest solar, battery, wind turbine, and flexibility… Read More
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