Addressing Process Misalignment in Large, Non-Software Companies

Posted July 11, 2019 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence
Addressing Process Misalignment in Large, Non-Software Companies

Large, non-software companies introducing Agile to their organizations tend to suffer from a cognitive dissonance of sorts: we would like to have the same look and feel across the entire company, delivering stellar-quality products, yet we want to enable high-performing, self-organizing, self-managed, and self-empowered teams to deliver (or demo) at the end of each sprint. In this Advisor, we summarize one area where this conflict becomes especially evident for large companies, particularly with non-software teams: process misalignment. We also share a potential solution that we’ve seen work in industrial practice.

About The Author
Catherine Louis
Catherine Louis is an independent Agile coach and founder of CLL-Group and PoDojo. Her specialties include Agile transitions in the scope of large, multinodal-solution, high-reliability systems, with large teams of several hundred to several thousand R&D employees. Ms. Louis focuses on leadership training, offering a unique Certified Agile Leader workshop based on her experience leading a large (over 2,000 developers) transition from phased-… Read More
Karen Smiley
Karen Smiley is an Agile analytics R&D leader with more than 30 years’ experience developing and managing analytical, real-time, and database systems. Her industrial experience in small startups to large global enterprises spans the full lifecycles of multiple software-hardware products and service systems. Ms. Smiley and her teams have solved technical problems across the domains of healthcare, steel manufacturing, aerospace and defense,… Read More
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