Addressing Technical Debt

Posted October 13, 2016 | Technology |

I no longer think of technical debt as a problem. It is a symptom — a symptom of deeper system problems in our organizations. Trying to fix technical debt by simply fixing the code is like bailing a boat that is taking on water. It is likely necessary, but it won’t stop the water coming in. We need to find and fix the root causes of the technical debt.

About The Author
Declan Whelan
Declan Whelan is an Agile consultant, cofounder of Leanintuit, and a director at the Agile Alliance. Mr. Whelan works with organizations to improve their products and services through Agile and Lean practices. His personal mission in 2016 is to change the conversation around technical debt. Rather than viewing it as a problem to be fixed, we need to view it as feedback to drive improvements to our product and service delivery. 
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