Executive Update

Advice on IT Outsourcing (Part 3: Offshore, ASPs, and the Future)

Posted March 31, 2001 | Leadership | Leadership |

This Executive Update contains the third, and last, part of our series containing advice from a panel of Cutter Consortium Senior Consultants -- Mike Epner, Ian Hayes, David Herron, and Wendell Jones -- on the outsourcing process.

About The Author
Michael Epner
Sean Hayes
Ian Hayes
Caroline Herron
David Herron
David Herron David Herron is a co-founder of the David Consulting Group. Mr. Herron has more than 25 years' experience in software development. He has recently been focused on the use of metrics to monitor applications… Read More
Wendell Jones
Wendell Jones Dr. Wendell Jones is a senior executive with 30 years' management experience in the securities, aerospace, and computer industries, as well as the US military. Most recently, as vice… Read More
Jeanette Jones
Peter Jones
Edward Jones
Renee Jones
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