Agile: 10 Points of Organizational Friction

Posted February 2, 2012 | Technology |

Agile adoption for data warehouse and BI is on the rise. Agile can shorten development cycle time, improve quality, and help ensure that you build the right BI solutions for business decision makers. However, conventional IT organizational structures, policies, processes, and procedures are sometimes inconsistent with the tenets of agility. Values like customer collaboration, face-to-face interaction, and continuous delivery of value are often impeded by IT organizational protocols.

About The Author
Ken Collier
Ken Collier is the former director of Cutter's Data Analytics & Digital Technologies practice. He is a leader in combining agile methods with data warehousing (DW), business intelligence (BI), and advanced analytics -- disciplines that present a unique set of challenges to the incremental/evolutionary style of agile development. Mr. Collier has successfully adapted agile techniques to DW/BI to create the Agile Analytics style. He continues… Read More
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