Executive Report

Agile Adoption for Organizational Change: Improving Time to Market

Posted March 31, 2008 | Leadership |


This Executive Report by Amr Elssamadisy describes how to improve time to market by adopting different agile practices. For each agile practice, we offer a quick definition, contexts where it is applicable, a step-by-step adoption guide, and common missteps teams make in its adoption.

About The Author
Amr Elssamadisy
Amr Elssamadisy is a software development practitioner who helps his clients build better software that is more valuable to their organizations. Mr. Elssamadisy and his colleagues at Gemba Systems help both small and large development teams learn new technologies, adopt and adapt appropriate agile development practices, and focus their efforts to maximize the value they bring to their organizations. His technical background and experience in C/C… Read More
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