Agile Influences in Maturing Markets

Posted October 30, 2008 | Leadership |

I read with interest recent Advisors by Cutter Senior Consultants Jens Coldewey and Bartek Kiepuszewski (see "An Agile View of Software Engineering," 16 October 2008, and "Put Agile Projects on Firm Foundation -- System Analysts' Responsibility," 2 October 2008).

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Daniel Spica
Daniel Spica's professional career has included working a consultant for such companies as Borland and Oracle, where he has helped customers with issues regarding quality, architecture, and technological problems. Mr. Spica feels comfortable working on the edge between IT and business in different fields, including heavy industry and telecom. He is also a fan of agile, which he finds opposite to the approaches in which people are viewed solely… Read More
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