AI’s Role in Accelerating Product Development

Posted June 9, 2021 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies, Data Analytics & Digital Technologies Cutter Business Technology Journal
Michael Jastram outlines the four trends driving product complexity and explains how AI has the potential to help us overcome the limitations of current develop­ment approaches. Both systems engineering and Agile struggle to keep up with today’s exponential growth in complexity. Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) was built to address complexity but requires a large up-front investment and frequently meets with cultural resistance. Jastram advocates for AI-based solutions that offer some of the benefits of MBSE without the need for long, expensive training processes. Regardless of the exact path, he’s excited for the coming years, saying ready-to-use solutions like IBM’s Watson barely scratch the surface of what’s possible.
About The Author
Michael Jastram
Michael Jastram is a systems engineer with more than 20 years’ professional experience, including 10 years in the US, and has worked as a software engineer and architect for various startups. With expertise in requirements modeling, his current focus is in developing Semiant, an AI-based virtual quality assistant for product development and organizational knowledge management. Dr. Jastram is active in open sourcing as the founder and project… Read More
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