Aligning Decentralized and Hybrid R&D Activity: A CTO's Challenge

Posted December 22, 2021 | Technology |
Aligning Decentralized and Hybrid R&D Activity: A CTO's Challenge
Increasingly, organizations are adopting a decentralized approach to R&D, carrying out a significant amount of activity within the business units. This Advisor explores the challenge of gaining R&D insight, from project management systems that don't fit the bill, to the need for better system configuration.
About The Author
Ben Thuriaux
Ben Thuriaux is a Partner at Arthur D. Little (ADL). He works across ADL’s Technology & Innovation Management and Utilities & Alternate Energy practices and heads up the Energy practice’s Competence Centre in Technology, Innovation, and Digitalization. Mr. Thuriaux focuses on strategy, technology, and innovation management diagnostics and adapting innovation management best practices; organizational design and change (in energy and… Read More
Enguerran Ripert
Enguerran Ripert is a Principal at Arthur D. Little (ADL) in ADL’s Utilities & Alternate Energy and Technology & Innovation Management practices, based in London. He focuses on strategy, M&A transaction support, commercial due diligence, opportunity analysis, business modeling, market entry strategy, market assessment, and organizational change in a non-digital technology context. Mr. Ripert is also a non-executive director to… Read More
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Johnson is a Partner at Arthur D. Little (ADL) in ADL’S Digital Problem Solving practice, based in London. He focuses on how emerging digital technologies can be harnessed to drive transformation of both the business and its internal technology function. Mr. Johnson believes that the technology patterns/approaches used in the past are no longer appropriate to today’s challenges, and that businesses must adopt new approaches. With over… Read More
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