All About the Outcomes: Turning Needs into Experiences, From Ideas to Delivery

Posted September 19, 2016 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies Cutter Business Technology Journal
Assessing and choosing outcomes

The rush to find a solution to achieve business targets often overshadows the task of fully understanding the needs of customers and employees, which is vital to ascertaining where the real opportunity to create value lies. Management teams zoom in on cost reduction or revenue increases rather than what people will be able to do. Enhancing what people can accomplish is what delivers the benefits, and where there is sufficient demand for them, these benefits create commercial value. Therefore, to create value, organizations must start by focusing on outcomes — that is, the things that people are able to do. This enables management not only to prioritize, but also to communicate change in meaningful terms.

About The Author
Mike Clark
Mike Clark is a business designer and digital technologist. He is the founder of Cohesion 360, a boutique innovation consultancy that helps organizations evolve their businesses to deliver maximum customer and business value in a digital age. Mr. Clark excels at seeing natural connections and bringing clarity and simplicity to complex business and customer problems. He combines depth with pragmatism, creativity, and innovation with a focus on… Read More
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