Analytics in the Real World

Posted June 22, 2021 | Technology | Amplify
Frank Contrepois discusses human emotions and our connections to data. He shares how some companies manage to convert data into money and how other organizations can learn from and potentially replicate the approach (or at least the outcome). But this approach comes with some warnings, which he outlines. Contrepois closes by supporting this point: focus on a defined business problem and act by building an analytical model that improves decision-making confidence.
About The Author
Frank Contrepois
Frank Contrepois is a Cutter Expert. As a cloud expert, he has developed and implemented innovative solutions relating to cloud installation, configuration, customization, and integration. Mr. Contrepois is a driven, innovative, and entrepreneurial leader with extensive experience within the technology sector. He is adept at incorporating a culture of continuous improvement and development to strengthen the people and processes of an… Read More
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