Apply Residuality Theory to Improve Systems: A Q&A with Barry M. O’Reilly

Posted January 14, 2021 | Leadership | Technology |
Apply Residuality Theory to Improve Systems: A Q&A
In a recent webinar, Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Barry M. O’Reilly introduced a new way to model systems in complex environments — residuality theory. In this Advisor, we share some questions asked at the end of the webinar about using residue as an alternative building block that enables software systems designers to consider the entire environment and its complex interdependencies without slowing down the design process, delivering benefits to both architecture and risk management practices.
About The Author
Barry OReilly
Barry M. O’Reilly is the founder of Black Tulip Technology and creator of Antifragile System Design. Previously, he held positions as Chief Architect for Microsoft's Western Europe practice and IDesign, IOT TAP Lead for Microsoft’s Western Europe practice, Worldwide Lead for Microsoft’s Solution Architecture Community, and startup CTO. He can be reached at
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