Architects Must Look "Beyond the Hill"

Posted October 20, 2021 in Business & Enterprise Architecture
Architects Must Look "Beyond the Hill"
The professional life of architects is tough, often dealing with tasks typically not performed in everyday non-IT life. They always must support a “future state,” a situation not yet in existence that users or stakeholders can’t predict if not stressed with the proper questions. This Advisor explores how architects look “beyond the hill” and impose superstructures and patterns that may appear unnecessary today but are useful when things ultimately change.
About The Author
Pierfranco Ferronato
Pierfranco Ferronato is an innovative and visionary lead solutions architect with long-term vision and extensive experience within infrastructure, applications, and cloud computing solutions. He has a broad understanding of business and customer requirements with proven talent in design and development of cost-effective solutions in answer to complex opportunities. Dr. Ferronato is an enthusiastic advocate for innovative technological solutions… Read More
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