Executive Update

Architectural Risk Assessment: Matching Security Goals to Business Goals

Posted November 17, 2016 | Technology |

Corporate information security can be challenging due to the numerous avenues that an attacker can traverse. All companies need methods to secure the hardware, software, and communication channels of mobile systems, internal networks, email traffic, and so on. Before developing a method, managers should engage technical and nontechnical staff to answer the following question: “How do we store, process, and transmit data in a secure manner?” As we explore in this Executive Update, to answer this question effectively, you’ll need a teamwork process in place that engages many people who are not thought of as security experts. 

About The Author
Fred Donovan
Fred Donovan is Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Master’s of Computer Science program at Concordia University. Previously, he was Assistant Professor in the Graduate Cybersecurity program at Bellevue University. Prof. Donovan has assessed more than 500 applications and has been an executive consultant for nearly 20 years.
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