The Art and Science of Building Conversational Business Applications

Posted November 8, 2016 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
Key drivers for conversational applications

Aravind Ajad Yarra gives us his own description of the history of natural language interface development and goes on to consider what kind of architecture is required to support conversational interfaces. Without getting into coding details, Yarra provides a good overview of the challenges developers will face as they seek to develop conversational interfaces for ­business applications.

About The Author
Aravind Ajad Yarra
Aravind Ajad Yarra is a Wipro Fellow and Chief Architect at Wipro Digital. His areas of focus are emerging technologies and digital architectures. With over 24 years’ experience in the technology services industry, Mr. Yarra helps enterprises adopt emerging technologies to build smart applications leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing. His current areas of research include quantum computing and decentralized… Read More
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